The Song Project: Live at Le Poisson Rouge (2015)

Track Listing

1. Flying Blind  2:04
2. Sombra En El Espejo  5:34 
3. The Wind In The Clouds  3:50
4. Perfect Crime  4:55
5. Kafiristan  3:57 
6. Para Borrar Tu Andar  4:32 
7. Do Not Let Us Forget  2:37 
8. La Despedida  3:24 
9. Burn  1:53
10. Waiting For Christmas  5:28 
11. The Man In The Blue Mask  5:05 
12. Assassin's Bay  4:52
13. End Announcements  0:53


Cyro Baptista: Percussion 
Joey Baron: Drums 
Trevor Dunn: Bass 
Jesse Harris: Voice (3,5,10,12)
John Medeski: Organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes 
Mike Patton: Voice (1,4,6,7,9,11,12)
Marc Ribot: Guitar 
Kenny Wollesen: Vibes 
John Zorn: Conductor 
Sofia Rei: Voice (2,4,5,6,8,10,12)


All music composed by John Zorn 
Lyrics (1,7,9,12) - Mike Patton
Lyrics (2,6,8) - Sofia Rei
Lyrics (3,5,10,11) - Jesse Harris
Lyrics (4) - Sean Lennon
Producer - John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Recorded and mixed September 2013 by Marc Urselli  
Mastering - Scott Hull 
Collages - John Zorn
Color Photographs - Eleonora Alberto
John Zorn Portrait - Scott Irvine
Design - Chippy Heung Heung Chin 


A live concert version of Zorn’s acclaimed song project! In celebration of his 60th birthday, Zorn asked his most acclaimed vocal collaborators to write lyrics to select compositions from his vast musical catalog. Including music originally written for Naked City, Masada, The Dreamers, a variety of film soundtracks and more, "The Song Project" is a retrospective of some of Zorn's most lyrical compositions from the past 25 years. This CD presents an all-star band performing live in New York after a dozen European concerts and at the peak of their powers. Electricity is in the air from first note to last! A perfect companion to the studio versions presented in the acclaimed box set of vinyl 7-inch singles.

Series:  Archival Series 

Catalogue Number:  TZ8331 

Release Date:  April 28, 2015


1. Batman from John Zorn - Naked City 
2. Besos de Sangre from John Zorn - Filmworks XXIII: El General 
3. Tamalpais from John Zorn - Alhambra Love Songs 
4. Dalquiel from John Zorn - Bar Kokhba* - Lucifer (Book Of Angels Volume 10) 
5. Towards Kafiristan from John Zorn - The Concealed 
6. La Flor del Barrio from John Zorn - Music Romance Volume III: The Gift 
7. Zapata Rail from John Zorn - O´o 
8. Tears of Morning from John Zorn - Filmworks XIX - The Rain Horse 
9. Osaka Bondage from Naked City - Torture Garden 
10. Mountain View from John Zorn - Alhambra Love Songs 
11. Of Wonder and Certainty from John Zorn - The Dreamers 
12. Our In-House Dostoevsky from John Zorn - Filmworks XXIV: The Nobel Prize Winner