Julian Lage and Gyan Riley have a magical rapport, a deep mutual respect, and have recorded some of Zorn’s most melodious and intimate compositions. In addition to the many books of music written for their trio with Bill Frisell, they have also worked together as a duo on The Bagatelles (2015), Midsummer Moons (2017), Book Beri’ah (2019), and Quatrain (2023). 

For this fifth duo CD Zorn turns again to William Shakespeare for inspiration and has composed a varied collection of ballads, dances, lullabies, and fantasies that will delight, stimulate, and inspire. 

Her Melodious Lay contains nine poetic, through-composed pieces that blend classical, folk, jazz, film music, and more into a strikingly dramatic musical vision. Modern guitar music at its very best!


May 2024 Release

Petra Haden shines in Love Songs Live—an exciting concert version of the new musical from the songwriting team of John Zorn and Jesse Harris. Presented at National Sawdust in September 2023 as part of the Zorn@70 NYC concert series, the music is beautiful, lyrical, with heartwarming lyrics about a love lost and found.

Accompanied by the soulful trio of Brian Marsella, Jorge Roeder, and Ches Smith, this is a dynamic concert performance that pushes musical theatre forward with a creative Downtown edge. Touching upon the languages of the 20th century’s most creative musical songsmiths—Sondheim, Weill, Bacharach, and the Tin Pan Alley tradition—Love Songs Live is an absolute delight!


(Pushed to May 17th)

April 5th release !

All funds from the sale of this LP will go to benefit the Tzadik label. 

SCP, the online distributor for our direct-to-consumer mail order projects has shut down owing Tzadik $70,000. To help rebalance this loss we are releasing this special vinyl version of six selections from New Masada Quartet Volume One.

New Masada Quartet is one of the best groups Zorn has ever had. Bristling hot guitar master Julian Lage, bass wizard Jorge Roeder and 30-year Zorn veteran Kenny Wollesen perform with a crackling live energy that brings the Masada music to life like never before! Led by Zorn’s versatile sax and stop-and-start conducting, the music is filled with burning solos, telepathic group interaction, heartfelt lyricism and hypnotic grooves. Please purchase this limited edition LP and help Tzadik continue its mission to support and document new music in the 21st century. 

Special Thanks to Sarah Robertson, Marisa Rolish, Scott Hull, Heung-Heung Chin, Bruce Gallanter, Stephen Svacina, Glenn Dicker, and Redeye for donating their time and services to help Tzadik with this special benefit vinyl release.


Recorded at the Grote Kerk in Den Bosch as part of Zorn’s 70th birthday celebration at November Music in Den Bosch, this exciting performance pays tribute to one of Zorn’s seminal influences—the 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch. 

Performing on two different organs simultaneously, running from one to the other, this is one of the most bizarre installments in the entire Hermetic Organ series. The CD begins with a rare private performance of Zorn alone in the church exploring and stretching the organ’s capabilities. For the evening performance, A Pilgrimage Through Hell, Zorn’s dear friend and colleague of over thirty years John Medeski joins as his organ assistant, and the two of them literally pull out all the stops!

January new release

This newest edition of The Hermetic Organ is a beautiful and evocative tribute to one of Zorn’s biggest mentors, the pioneer West Coast visionary, Terry Riley. 

Performed at San Francisco’s historic Grace Cathedral during the epic concert series presented by Fred Barnes at the Great American Music Hall in September 2023 for Zorn’s 70th birthday, this is one of the most touching and personal of all Zorn’s organ recitals. 

Present in the audience were a large number of the composer’s closest and oldest friends, and as a result the music has a deep spiritual edge. Looming over much of this music is the spirit of Terry Riley, one of Zorn’s early influences, and one of his dearest friends. Magical!

January 19th


Pre-order: Expected to ship the week of October 30

November new release


This fifth CD by the Chaos Magick band is one of Zorn’s greatest recent achievements. Three extended compositions that run the gamut from Funk, Metal, Contemporary Classical, and more blended into a dramatic narrative that is constantly surprising and yet deeply inevitable. 

Featuring four of the most accomplished performers in Zorn’s inner circle, this is a mind blowing document of Zorn’s kaleidoscopic compositional vision. Astonishing and utterly essential!

John Medeski, Brian Marsella, Matt Hollenberg, Kenny Grohowski.

Nov 17th


Begins 09/29