THE BOOK BERI'AH VOL 3 - binah (2019)

Track Listing: 

1. Levushim  8:00 
2. Damam  5:48 
3. Shamayim  5:28 
4. Tevunah  6:10 
5. Talpiot  7:48 
6. Posekim  4:14 
7. Kelim  5:03 
8. Machshavah  10:12 
9. Ma'amarot  8:25 


Yazz Ahmed: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Fx 
Paul Booth: Tenor Sax, Flute 
Josephine Davies: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax 
Sam Eastmond: Trumpet, Shofar 
Moss Freed: Guitar 
Elliott Galvin: Keyboards 
Will Glaser: Drums, Percussion 
Ben Greenslade-Stanton: Trombone, Synth 
Mike Guy: Accordion 
George Hogg: Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Noel Langley: Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Mark Lewandowski: Double Bass 
Oren Marshall: Tuba 
Gemma Moore: Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet 
Tim Smar: Trombone 
Mike Wilkins: Alto Sax, Clarinet


All Compositions by John Zorn 
Produced by Ben Greenslade-Stanton 
Arranged By Sam Eastmond
Executive Producer -  John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Recorded and Mixed August 2017 at Kungar Sound Studios, London by Ben Greenslade-Stanton
Mastered by Scott Hull 
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin) 


Based in London, The Spike Orchestra is one of the most adventurous Big Bands working today, blending jazz, rock, klezmer, cartoon music and the avant garde into a cohesive and compelling whole. Their first Masada project Cerberus was a surprise hit and one of the most powerful and imaginative interpretations in the entire Book of Angels series. Here they top that spectacular CD with new interpretations from The Book Beri’ah. With influences ranging from Gil Evans, Frank Zappa, Zorn and the most experimental side of the Stan Kenton organization, Spike Orchestra creates an incredibly varied program of Masada music at its rocking best. Astonishing big band jazz leading us into the 21st century.

Series:  Archival SeriesBook Beri'ah 

Catalogue Number:  TZ5103 

Release Date:  March 2019