The Book Beri'ah Vol 10 - Malkhut (2019)

Track Listing

1. Sitra Achra  3:28
2. Chitzonuyut  3:45 
3. Shadim  4:52 
4. Netzokim  4:18 
5. Yenikah  4:34 
6. Netzach  2:11 
7. Sapar  3:57 
8. Mishkan  3:51 
9. Makif  1:36 
10. Atzmut  3:36 
11. Ayin  3:30 
12. Shemot  3:33


Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Bass, Oud, Gimbri 
Eyvind Kang: Viola, Violin 
Jason Schimmel: Guitars, Electric, Acoustic 12-string Electric, Lapsteel, Sitar 
Ches Smith: Congas, Vibes, Dumbek, Shakers, Drums 
Trey Spruance: Guitars (electric, Baritone, J.j. Sitar Guitar), Analog Synth Pads, Extra Percussion Theater Organ, Clavinet, Kinnor, Nevel, Glockenspiel, Sound Fx 
Kenny Grohowski: Drums, Congas 
Matt Lebofsky: Hammond And Farfisa Organs, Piano, Electric Piano, Moog 
Ryan Parrish: Kaval


All compositions by John Zorn 
Produced and arranged by Trey Spruance
Executive Producer - John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Smith, Grohowski and Blumenkranz recorded July 2015 at EastSide Sound Studio, NYC by Marc Urselli
Kang, Schimmel, Parish and some Lebofsky recorded May 2017 at The Bunker Studio, LA by Jason Schimmel
Spruance and some Lebofsky recorded intermittently 2016-2017 at Forking Paths Studio by Trey Spruance
Mastered by Scott Hull 
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin) 


Around since the mid-1990s, Secret Chiefs 3 is one of the most popular instrumental ensembles working today, with a devoted cult following and a constantly changing lineup of stellar musicians. Featuring one of the best groupings they have ever had, in "Malkhut" they turn their hand to twelve tunes from Zorn’s "Book Beri’ah." Years in the making, SC3 mastermind Trey Spruance considers this to be one of his most ambitious and involved CDs to date. Even better than their "Masada Book of Angels" release "Xaphan", "Malkhut" is filled with spiritual depth, meticulous detail and a amazing creativity. This is music that is essential to everyone interested in the Masada legacy—instrumental music from the outer realms!

Series:  Archival SeriesBook Beri'ah 

Catalogue Number:  TZ5110 

Release Date:  October 2019