AT the gates of paradise (2011)

Track Listing
1. The Eternals  5:54 
2. Song Of Innocence  6:43 
3. A Dream Of Nine Nights  8:31 
4. Light Forms  3:21 
5. The Æons  5:50 
6. Liber XV  6:25 
7. Dance Of Albion  6:34 
8. Song Of Experience  4:58

Joey Baron: Drums  
Trevor Dunn: Bass  
John Medeski: Piano, Organ  
Kenny Wollesen: Vibes


 All music composed, arranged and conducted by John Zorn  
Produced by John Zorn  
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama  
Recorded And Mixed June 2011 at EastSide Sound by Marc Urselli 
Mastering - Scott Hull  
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)
Paintings - William Blake


Channelling the work of Romantic visionary William Blake and ancient Gnostic writings from the Nag Hammadi archives, At the Gates of Paradise is the newest installment in Zorn’s ever growing catalog of mystical works. The music is filled with bright light and a childlike innocence, and ranges from long form compositions with constantly shifting time signatures that unfold with a compelling inner logic to mysterious ballads and hypnotic moods. Featuring an all-star quartet of Zorn true believers, 20-year veterans who perform this music with a special passion and searing intensity, the performances are filled with exciting solos and brilliant group interaction.

Series:  Archival Series, Mystic Series
Catalogue Number:  TZ7392
Release Date:  September 2011