xaphan: book of angels volume 9 (2008)

Track Listing   

1. Sheburiel  5:44 
2. Akramachamarei  5:46 
3, Shoel  6:18 
4, Barakiel  5:49 
5, Bezriel  4:37 
6. Kemuel  4:23 
7. Labbiel  4:23 
8. Asron  3:32 
9. Balberith  6:31 
10. Omael  3:57 
11. Hamaya  4:28


Secret Chiefs 3
Anonymous 13: Voice, Viola  
Rich Doucette: Sarangi  
Shahzad Ismaily: Bass  
Jai Young Kim: B3 Organ  
Jason Schimmel: Guitar  
Monica Schley: Harp  
Ches Smith: Drums, Congas  
Tim Smolens: Cello, Upright Bass  
Trey Spruance: Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Synth, Autoharp, Piano, Bass  
Adam Stacey: Clavinet  
Timb Harris: Violin, Trumpet

All music composed by John Zorn      
Arranged by Trey Spruance
Produced, Mixed And Recorded by Trey Spruance at Forking Paths, CA with additional recording by Spruance, Schimmel and Smolens at The        Chummery, Seattle, WA  
Drums, Bass and Congas Recorded by Arun Venkatesh At Big Blue MEanie, Jersey City, NJ
Executive Producer - John Zorn
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama   
Mix Finalized by Trey Spruance And Justin Phelps at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA
Mastering - Scott Hull      
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)   


TZADIK Blurb   

Spectacular arrangements of Masada compositions by mad alchemist Trey Spruance, mastermind of Secret Chiefs 3 and one of the most brilliant musicians around. Drawing upon an astonishing array of musical styles from Exotica and Surf to Ethiopian Funk and Gypsy Swing, Trey ’s colorful orchestral arrangements perfectly compliment the lyricism and dynamic rhythmic complexity of Zorn ’s evocative Book of Angels. Featuring some of the best musicians from the Bay Area, LA and Seattle scenes, this is one of the most compelling installments in the entire Masada series.

Series:  Book Of AngelsArchival Series   

Catalogue Number:  TZ7364   

Release Date:  May 2008