volac: Book of angels volume 8 (2007)

Track Listing  

1. Harhazial  4:36 
2. Rachsiel  2:39 
3. Zumiel  1:39 
4. Yeruel  3:24 
5. Sannul  1:18 
6. Haseha  4:35 
7. Kadal  3:51 
8. Ahaniel  5:44 
9. Ylrng  1:37 
10. Anahel  4:18 
11. Sidriel  3:02 
12. Zawar  4:38


Erik Friedlander: Cello

All music composed by John Zorn     
Arranged by Erik Friedlander
Produced By John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama  
Recorded by Silas Brown, Legacy Sound
Assistant Engineer - James Dellatacoma, Orange Sound, NJ
Mastering - Scott Hull     
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)  


TZADIK Blurb  

Volume 8 in the continuing Book of Angels series is an intimate and breathtaking recital by one of the world’s most accomplished cellists. A vital member of the Masada family from the very beginning, Erik Friedlander has hypnotized audiences both here and in Europe with his own bands Topaz, Broken Arm and Grains of Paradise. Stepping out in a special solo project, Erik shows off his remarkable technique in ten compositions from Zorn’s lyrical Book of Angels. This is Erik at his best. Rich, romantic, gripping music to both challenge and soothe the savage beast.

Series:  Book Of Angels, Archival Series  

Catalogue Number:  TZ7363  

Release Date:  September 2007