THE mysteries (2013)

Track Listing

Sacred Oracle  5:35 
Hymn Of Naasenes  5:06 
Dance Of Sappho  4:06 
The Bacchanalia  2:56 
Consolamentum  5:49 
Ode To The Cathars  6:56 
Apollo  3:28 
Yaldabaoth  3:54 
The Nymphs  10:48



Carol Emanuel: Harp  
Bill Frisell: Guitar  
Kenny Wollesen: Vibraphone, Bells


All music composed arranged and produced by John Zorn
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama
Recorded and Mixed December 2012 by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound, NYC
Mastered by Scott Hull
Design by Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)


A second volume from the fabulous trio of Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel and Kenny Wollesen who first came together on the Gnostic Preludes from 2012. Universally acclaimed as one of Zorn’s most beautiful and evocative projects, the music here follows in that tradition—a minimalist modal lyricism distinguished by complex rhythmic twists and turns, Zorn’s dramatic ever-shifting sound blocks and, of course, the brilliant improvisations of guitar wizard Bill Frisell. Gorgeous mystical music uniting Ancient traditions with those of the 21st century, this is a charming collection of Gnostic Odes and Dances to be enjoyed by young and old alike!

Series:  Archival Series, Mystic Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ8306

Release Date:  March 2013