The Hermetic Organ Vol. 4: St. Bart's, NYC (2016)

Track Listing 

Office Nr 14 

1. Bell, Book And Candle  14:15 
2. The Witch's Sabbath  24:29


John Zorn: Organ 


Solo Organ Improvisation by John Zorn 
Produced by John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Engineered By Marlan Barry 
Recorded October 31, 2015 at St. Bart's, NYC
Mastering - Scott Hull 
Photography by Heung-Heung Chin 
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin) 


Drawing upon traditions as varied as Messiaen, Xenakis, Ligeti, Bach, Tournemire, Ives, Korla Pandit and The Phantom of the Opera, Zorn’s organ improvisations are transcendent, inspiring, ecstatic experiences, offering a direct line to the workings of his rich compositional imagination. Recorded at midnight on the eve of Halloween on the largest organ in New York City, Zorn approaches this performance as ritual, creating a mysterious mood of contrasts, colors, bells, drones, counterpoint and simultaneity. This fourth volume documenting Zorn’s legendary organ recitals presents organ improvisation at its most surprising, extreme and sublime.

Series:   Archival SeriesThe Hermetic Organ 

Catalogue Number:  TZ8340

Release Date:  January 2016