the dreamers (2008)

Track Listing

1. Mow Mow  3:04 
2. Uluwati  3:37 
3. A Ride On Cottonfair  4:21 
4. Anulikwutzayl  9:01 
5. Toys  2:43 
6. Of Wonder And Certainty  4:29 
7. Mystic Circles  6:07 
8. Nekashim  3:56 
9. Exodus  7:01 
10. Forbidden Tears  3:07 
11. Raksasa  5:15


Joey Baron: Drums  
Trevor Dunn: Bass  
Marc Ribot: Guitars  
Jamie Saft: Keyboards  
Kenny Wollesen: Vibes  
John Zorn: Alto Sax  
Cyro Baptista: Percussion


All Music Composed, Arranged and conducted by John Zorn
Produced By John Zorn 
Associate Producer – Kazunori Sugiyama 
Recorded and Mixed September 2007 at East Side Sound, NYC by Marc Urselli
Mastered by Scott Hull 
Design By Heung-Heung Chin 


Continuing in the tradition of his popular album The Gift, Zorn again combines a lifetime of musical passions—world music, movie soundtracks, jazz, minimalism, exotica, funk, surf rock and more—to create a vibrant and multifaceted album of instrumental fairy tales. Masterfully performed by the all-star players from Electric Masada, The Dreamers is a project of breathtaking variety and will attract listeners of all backgrounds and ages. Bathed in a lush package created by the acclaimed artist and exclusive Tzadik graphic designer Chippy, and accompanied by a sheet of collectable character stickers, The Dreamers is one of Zorn’s most beautiful and appealing projects. Seductive lyricism, hypnotic grooves, catchy hooks and romantic moods from this genre-bashing master of surprise.

Series:  Archival Series 

Catalogue Number: TZ7366  

Release Date:  March 2008