the cleansing (2022)

Track Listing

1. Brion Gysin  10:04 
2. Aleister Crowley  6:52
3. Austin Osman Spare  6:47
4. William Burroughs  10:19
5. Alejandro Jodorowsky  3:41 


John Zorn: Alto Saxophone 
Bill Laswell: Bass 


All pieces are real time improvisations 
Producer: John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Recorded and mixed April 9, 2021 at Orange Music, Orange, NJ by James Dellatacoma 
Mastered by Scott Hull 
all drawings and diagrams by David Chaim Smith 
Design by (Chippy) Heung Heung Chin 

Special Thanks to David Chaim Smith and Brian Marsella 


Zorn and Laswell have been friends and musical compatriots since they first met in 1978, and have been responsible for some of the most intense and memorable music in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Recorded in early 2021, near the end of the year’s pandemic lockdown, it marks the first time Zorn had touched the saxophone in over fifteen months. Laswell had spent most of the year locked in his apartment. Something special was happening that day—and after the session Laswell felt rejuvenated—as if all the toxins and poisons had left his body. Soulful and essential, The Cleansing is an historic meeting—and the first recorded duo project by these two Downtown magicians.

SeriesSpectrum Series 

By Catalogue Number:  TZ4037 

Release Date: January 21, 2022