The classic guide to strategy (1996)

Track Listing 

The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volume One (1983)

1. Senki (War Spirit)  19:40
2. The Moon In The Cold Stream Like A Mirror  19:43

The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volume Two (1986)

1. Aoyama Michi 11:10
2. Enoken  3:20
3. Kazumi Shigeru  6:28
4. Kondo Toshinori  5:55
5. Yano Akiko  5:20
6. Togawa Jun  8:48
7. Mori Ikue  2:28

The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volume Ones and Two (1996)

1. Part 1  19:40
2. Part 2 (Cartoon Music)  19:43
3. Aoyama Michi  11:10
4. Enoken  3:20
5. Kazumi Shigeru  6:28
6. Kondo Toshinori  5:55
7. Togawa Jun  8:48
8. Mori Ikue  2:28


John Zorn - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Eb and Bb Clarinets, OLd, Weems and Greenhead Game Calls


All music composed by John Zorn 
Produced by John Zorn 
Recorded February 27, 1983 at OAO Studios, Brooklyn, NY by Martin Bisi (Tracks: 1 & 2)
Recorded July 30 and September 19, 1985 at Radio City Studio, NY by Don Hunerberg (tracks: 3-8)

TZADIK Blurb  

John Zorn's infamous solo music for saxophone and duckcalls bring together his obsessive love for cartoon music, free jazz and musique concréte in a passionate and astonishing heterophony. 

The maverick composer, arranger and saxophonist first came to prominence in the early '80's as an improviser. Using self-invented techniques, bizarre effects and unusual tools, Zorn created his own personal instrumental language - instantly recognizable and still breathtaking over a decade later. 

Two long-out-of-print albums from 1981 and 1985, now on CD for the first time. Two records on a single disc - you can't afford not to buy it! 

"This music is both exhilarating and frightening. Although the musical ideas can be traced back to earlier recordings such as Mikhail Zoetrope and up to more recent works such as my duos with Yamantaka Eye this stuff still sounds like it's coming from outerspace." - John Zorn 

"John Zorn offers us a new view of reed music; it demands our attention." - Evan Parker

Series:  Archival Series 

Catalogue NumberTZ7305 

Release Date:  1996 (Tzadik) 

Previous Releases

Volume One - LP Lumina Records, 1983 (L004) 
Volume Two - LP Lumina Records, 1986 (L010)