taboo and exile (1999)

Track Listing  

1. In The Temple Of Hadjarim  5:15 
2. Sacrifist  4:52 
3. Mayim  3:28 
4. Koryojang  6:23 
5. Bulls-Eye  1:12
6. Zeraim  6:19
7. Thaalapalassi  10:28 
8. Makkot  3:01 
9. Tiki For Blue  7:01
10. The Possessed  6:22 
11. Oracle  4:31
12. Koryojang (End Credits)  2:26 



Cyro Baptista: Percussion  
Joey Baron: Percussion  
Sim Cain: Drums
Greg Cohen: Bass
Mark Feldman: Violin
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Fred Frith: Guitar  
Miho Hatori: Voice  
Bill Laswell: Bass  
Dave Lombardo: Drums
Mike Patton: Voice  
Robert Quine: Guitar  
Marc Ribot: Guitar
Roberto Rodriguez: Percussion
Jamie Saft: Piano, Organ
Chris Wood: Bass
John Zorn: Saxophone

All music composed and arranged by John Zorn     
Producer - John Zorn  
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama  
Recording Engineers - Jim Anderson, Dan Gellert, Robert Musso, Jason Baker at Avatar February To June 1999
Recorded And Mixed by Aaron Nevezie January 18-19, 2017 At Bunker Studio, Brooklyn 
Mastering - Allan Tucker at Foothill Design   
Design - Heung-Heung Chin 
Cover and Hidden Photo by Araki Nobuyoshi
Back: Guardian charm of the Koryak Settlement of Kuel
Flaps: Left - veve for Kalfou (legba-petwo)  Right-veve for Atibon Legba
Inside:  Paket Kongo (vodou spirit bottle) / Mentawai healing ritual / Hermann Nitsch aktion, Prizendorf 1984 / Poppies
Insert:  Sauveur St., cyr's temple skull tied to small chair with whip
Illustration by:  Felicien Rops
Outside:  Sanpwel bottle containing zonbi / Hermann Nitsch aktion, Prizendorf 1984

TZADIK Blurb  

Not since the early days of Naked City has there been a CD as remarkably varied and at the same time as enjoyable as Taboo and Exile. Running the gamut of styles from moody exotica, hardcore punk, classical, jazz, surf, world music and more, this second volume of this new Music Romance Series features twelve new Zorn compositions performed by the very best of today’s musical visionaries: guitar heroes Marc Ribot, Fred Frith and Robert Quine, bass renegade Bill Laswell, percussion masters Joey Baron, Dave Lombardo and Cyro Baptista, the Masada String Trio and vocalists Mike Patton and Miho Hatori, among others. For lovers of music in all its various mutations

Series:  Archival Series, Music Romance  

Catalogue Number:  TZ7325  

Release Date:  October 1999