shir hashirim (2013)

Track Listing:

1. Kiss Me  4:08 
2. Rose Of Sharon  3:11 
3. At Night In My Bed  3:46 
4. How Beautiful You Are  3:07 
5. I Have Come Into My Garden  5:22 
6. Where Has Your Lover Gone  3:45 
7. Dance Again  3:36 
8. O, If You Were My Only Brother  4:07


Lisa Bielawa: Voice  
Martha Cluver: Voice  
Abigail Fischer: Voice  
Kathryn Mulvehill: Voice  
Kirsten Sollek: Voice

All music composed by John Zorn   
Produced by John Zorn   
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama   
Recorded September 2010 And Mixed March 2013 by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound, NYC
Mastering by Scott Hull, NYC
Artwork by Auguste Rodin
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)


Drawing upon traditions from plainchant, mediaeval ars nova, Renaissance madrigals, 20th century vocal techniques and minimalism, Zorn’s music for a cappella voice is some of his most personal and beloved creations. This is the definitive recording of his sublime, transcendent and radiant work inspired by the seductive lyricism of the world’s oldest known erotic verse. Recorded by The Sapphites, the same all-star quintet that recorded Zorn’s first a cappella masterwork Frammenti del Sappho in 2004, and the soon to be released Holy Visions, this is a sensual evocation of King Solomon’s poetic aphrodisiac “The Song of Songs,” bathed in a gorgeous package replete with erotic drawings by Auguste Rodin.

Series:  Archival Series 

Catalogue Number:  TZ8310

Release Date:  December 2013