myth and mythopoeia (2014)

Track Listing 

1. Pandora's Box  13:48
2. Missa Sine Voces  13:25 
3. Zeitgehöft  9:16 
4. Babel  4:56 
5. Hexentarot  6:37


James Baker: Conductor 
Irvine Arditti: Violin 
Steven Beck: Piano 
Jay Campbell: Cello 
Ralf Ehlers: Viola 
Lucas Fels: Cello 
Matthew Gold: Chimes 
Stephen Gosling: Piano 
Alex Lipowski: Percussion, Bass Drum 
Chris Otto: Violin 
Ashot Sarkissjan: Violin 
Sarah Maria Sun: Voice 
Nuiko Wadden: Harp 
Matthew Ward: Vibes 
Jeff Zeigler: Cello

Track Information 

1. PANDORA'S BOX (2013) 

Sarah Maria Sun: Voice


Irvine Arditti: Violin
Ashot Sarkissjan: Violin
Ralf Ehlers: Violin
Lucas Fels: Cello
Joshua Rubin - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet 
Nathan Davis - Drums, Percussion 

RECORDED November 21,  2013 by Alex HArker at Hudderfield Contemporary Music Festival



Steven Beck: Piano
Nuiko Wadden: Harp
Matthew Ward: Vibes
Matthew Gold: Chimes
Alex Lipowski: Bass drum, Percussion
James Baker: Conductor

RECORDED Dec. 26, 2013 By Silas Brown at Miller Theatre, NYC

3. ZEITGEHOFT (2013)

Chris Otto: Violin
Jay Campbell: Cello

RECORDED December 20, 2013 by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound, NYC

4. BABEL (2013)

Jeff Ziegler: Cello

RECORDED Apr. 1, 2014 by Scott Fraser with Lawson White and Francesco Botero at Studio G, Brookly, NY

5. HEXENTAROT (2013)

Chris Otto: Violin
Jay Campbell: Cello
Stephen Gosling: Piano

RECORDED Dec. 26, 2013 By Silas Brown at Miller Theatre, NYC



All music composed by John Zorn 
Produced by John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Mastering - Scott Hull 
Artwork - Gustav Klimt
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)


This is a fabulous collection of five of Zorn’s most exciting and dynamic recent compositions performed by a variety of new music superstars. Pandora’s Box features the acclaimed Arditti Quartet and the brilliant soprano Sarah Sun in one of Zorn’s most colorful and dramatic compositions. Babel is a hard driving fantasia on one note for solo cello and is performed here by the incredible cellist Jeff Zeigler. Hexentarot and Zeitgehöft are two complex fingerbusters performed by Zorn regulars Otto, Campbell and Gosling, and rounding out the CD is the stunning instrumental Requiem Missa Sine Voces, performed by the renowned Talea Ensemble.

Series:  Archival Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ8318

Release Date:  June 2014