Masada Guitars (2003)

Track Listing 

1. Abidan  3:31 
2. Kodashim  3:37 
3. Kedem  3:29 
4. Bikkurim  3:00 
5. Ravayah  4:01 
6. Hadasha  2:45 
7. Katzatz  3:37 
8. Kanah  3:27 
9. Hodaah  3:24 
10. Kisofim  4:53 
11. Sippur  2:48 
12. Sansanah  5:54 
13. Galgalim  1:45 
14. Elilah  3:05 
15. Kedushah  4:32 
16. Shevet  3:11 
17. Kochot  3:56 
18. Tzalim  2:21 
19. Kivah  2:33 
20. Avelut  4:05 
21. Moshav  3:54


Bill Frisell: Guitar (1,4,7,10,14,17,20)
Marc Ribot: Guitar (3,6,9,12,13,16,18,19,21)
Tim Sparks: Guitar (2,5,8,11,15)


All music composed by John Zorn 
all tracks arranged and produced by the artists.
Executive Producer John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Bill Frisell's tracks recorded by Tucker Martine
Marc Ribot's tracks recorded by Francois Landau
Tim Sparks's tracks recorded by Rod Volker
Mixed April 14 and 18, 2005 
Mastered by Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering, NYC 
K2 Technology by JVC Disc America 
Cover Painting from the Reflection Series - Karen Liebovitz 
Design - Heung-Heung Chin 


In 1993 John Zorn began composing and performing his 208 tunes that now comprise what is known as the Masada songbook. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this, his most popular musical project, John Zorn has organized a series of CDs, featuring his most illustrious colleagues performing their own unique arrangements of these classics of modern Jewish music. This first release contains three guitarists whose styles are as varied as the compositions they perform. From the singular brilliance of Marc Ribot, the lush sonorities of Bill Frisell, to the orchestral virtuosity of Tim Sparks, Masada Guitars is a glittering tribute, lovingly executed by three of the most original guitarists in the world.

Series:  Radical Jewish Culture,  Masada Anniversary Edition 

Catalogue Number:  TZ7171 

Release Date:  August 2005