Leonard - book Of Angels volume 30 (2017)

Track Listing

Amhiel  5:09 
Kmiel  4:15 
Cerviel 5:30 
Hatach  6:21 
Katmial  4:15 
Yomyael  4:20 
Udriel  5:42 
Azariel  6:04 
Tazbun  6:36


Garth Knox: Viola D'amore, Viola
Sylvain Lemêtre: Percussion
Julia Robert: Viola D'amore, Viola
Agnès Vesterman: Cello


All music composed by John Zorn   
Produced by Garth Knox   
Executive Producer - John Zorn
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama, Eamonn Quinn   
Recorded July 5–7, 2016 at Cesaré CNCM Studio, Reims, France by Alexis Deroust
Mastering - Scott Hull   
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)
Arranged by Garth Knox 1,4,5,8
Arranged by Agnès Vesterman 6,7
Arranged by Sylvain Lemêtre 2, 9
Arranged By Julia Robert 3


Drawing on his vast experience as viola player of the Arditti Quartet, Ensemble InterContemporain and his close collaboration with many of the today’s leading composers, Garth Knox has become a master of many styles. Presenting a completely new interpretation of the “Book of Angels”, the beautiful medieval-tinged arrangements produced by Garth Knox and his group capture the folk song quality of Zorn’s compositions with a lovely and intimate ensemble of strings and percussion. Playing viola and viola d’amore, Garth presents these enigmatic compositions in a new and refreshing light. This penultimate installment of the “Book of Angels” is also one of the most charmingly beautiful.

Series:  Book Of Angels, Archival Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ8350

Release Date:  January 2017