kristallnacht (1993)

Track Listing


Shtetl (Ghetto Life) 5:51 
Never Again  11:41 
Gahelet (Embers)  3:25 
Tikkun (Rectification)  3:02 
Tzfia (Looking Ahead) 8:46 
Barzel (Iron Fist)  2:01 
Gariin (Nucleus-The New Settlement)  7:58


Anthony Coleman: Keyboards  
Mark Dresser: Bass  
Mark Feldman: Violin  
David Krakauer: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet  
Frank London: Trumpet  
Marc Ribot: Guitar  
William Winant: Percussion



All music composed by John Zorn   
Produced by John Zorn   
Engineer - Alce Head
Assistant Engineer - Suzy Dyer 
Recorded and mixed November 9 & 10, 1992 at RPM Studios, NYC  
Digital Editing - Scott Hull   
Photo by Scott Irvine 
Design - Tomoyo T.L. (Karath-Razar)
Phototypesetting - Strong Silent Type
Hebrew Typesetting - Jacob Weiss


Recorded in 1993, Kristallnacht is Zorn's most powerful and unforgettable composition. This premiere work of Radical Jewish Culture features a virtuoso ensemble of creative Jewish musicians. Seven movements tell the story of the Jewish experience, survival through the Holocaust, the building of a Jewish state, diaspora Jewry and its attraction and resistance to assimilation, the rise of Jewish nationalism and the ultimate problems of fanatical religious fundamentalism. Seemlessly combining 12 tone classical composition, improvisation, noise and klezmer, this is a work not to be missed by anyone interested in new trends in modern music.

Series:  Archival Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ7301

Release Date:  1995 (Tzadik)

Previous Releases:

Eva Records, Japan, 1993 (WWCX 2050)
99 Records, Germany, 1993 (2115)