hemophiliac (2002)

Track Listing

1-1. Skin Eruptions  10:59
1-2. Edema  15:13
1-3. Stretch Marks  7:13
1-4. The Stitch  1:14 
1-5. Malabsorption  8:52 
1-6. High Anxiety  11:17
1-7. Dizzy Spells  4:02 
1-8. Mood Swing  4:16 
2-1. Gotu Kola  8:33
2-2. Black Kohosh  4:03 
2-3. The Squaw Vine  7:22 
2-4. Blessed Thistle  8:50
2-5. Silymarin  1:56
2-6. Red Clover  6:29 
2-7. Chlorophyll Enemas  14:17
2-8. The Black Radish  1:53
2-9. Essence Of Primrose  3:31 
2-10. Dong Quai  7:57


John Zorn -  Saxophone and Voice
Mike Patton - Voice and Electronics
Ikue Mori -   Drum Machines and Electronics

Producer - John Zorn 
Mastering - Scott Hull and Nathan James at Classic Sound, NYC
Recorded live by Oz Fritz in Nagoya, Japan - 24 November 1994
Mastering - Scott Hull at Classic Sound, NYC
Design - Heung-Heung Chin (Chippy)
Special Thanks to:
Sarah and Scott  A to Z
Bruce and Manny  Downtown Music Gallery
Mike Patton Ipecac
Scott and Nathan Classic Sound
Heung-Heung Chin Chippy
Mark Seidenfeld Advice and Counsel
Kazunori Sugiyama Tzadik
Ike Mori

GREAT FRIENDS who came together in a time of need to make a miracle happen
Eternal LOVE AND GRATITUDE to those who believe and act on these beliefs


Limited edition 2 CD set of 2,500 copies worldwide - autographed by Zorn, Patton and Mori!!! Recorded in various locations, enclosed in bizarre packaging and bound to disappear quickly!!! This brutal alto sax/voice & effects/computer trio is incredibly intense live and these recordings capture their scary sonic storm." This item was only available through the Tzadik and Ipecac websites and directly from Downtown Music Gallery . A Great Big THANK YOU to all of you who pre-ordered this limited item and made it possible!

SeriesSpecial Edition

Catalogue NumberTZ0001 

Release Date:  June 2002 

Note: Released in a limited & autographed edition of 2500