filmworks viii: 1997 (1998)

Track Listing:

The Port Of Last Resort
1. Hysteric Logo  0:24 
2. Walk To Park  2:10 
3. Coaster  20:47 
4. Fighting Pirates  0:26 
5. Yakisoba  1:14 
6. Coaster Trip  1:39 
7. 1st Hit / 2nd Hit  0:27 
8. Punk Rock Hero  0:56 
9. Abacus Waltz 0:38 
10. Punk Rebel / Tsunta's Theme  3:36 
11. End Title  0:13 
Latin Boys Go To Hell
12. Through The Night  1:30 
13. Home Sweet Home  1:43 
14. Making Ramen At Midnight  0:32 
15. Scary Moonlight  1:55 
16. My Favorite Things  2:18 
17. Omelet Punk  0:20 
18. Classical  0:16 
19. Stink Of An Onion  0:34 
20. Onion Samba  0:59 
21. Omelet Punk  20:16 


John Zorn: Composer, Arranger 
Cyro Baptista: Percussion (1-11)
Greg Cohen: Bass (12-21)
Anthony Coleman: Piano (12-21)
Mark Feldman: Violin (12-21)
Erik Friedlander: Cello (12-21)
Marc Ribot: Guitars (12-21)
Kenny Wollesen: Drums, Vibes, Percussion (1-11)
Min Xiao-Fen: Pipa (12-21)


1-11 recorded and mixed by Jim Anderson at Avatar Studio, NYC, Nov 9, 1997
12-21 recorded and mixed by Jason Baker at Creative Audio, NYC, July 22, 1997
All Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by John Zorn 
Produced by John Zorn 
Associate Producer:  Kazunori Sugiyama 
Mastered by Allan Tucker at Foothill Digital, NYC
Notes by John Zorn
All photos courtesy of directors (Used by permission)
Design by Ikue Mori


Zorn's Masada music has never sounded as beautiful or as evocative as in this recording originally created for "Port Of Last Resort" - a film documentary about the Jewish refugees who escaped Nazi Germany by resettling to Shanghai. Augmenting the exciting Masada String Trio with the sensual pipa of Min Xiao-Fen, the versatile guitar of Marc Ribot and the ivory touch of Anthony Coleman's piano stylings, this music blends Jewish and Chinese themes in a way both touching and fresh. Also included is an exotic all-percussion score for Ela Troyano's quirky gay porno film "Latin Boys Go To Hell," featuring the bizarre sonorities and driving rhythms of Cyro Baptista and Kenny Wollesen.

Series:  FilmworksArchival Series 

Catalogue Number:  TZ7318 

Release Date:  1998