Filmworks VII: Cynical Hysterie Hour (1990)

Track Listing 

Trip Coaster 
1. Hysteric Logo  0:24 
2. Walk To Park  2:10 
3. Coaster  20:47 
4. Fighting Pirates  0:26 
5. Yakisoba  1:14 
6. Coaster Trip  1:39 
Ch Ch Chang 
7. 1st Hit / 2nd Hit  0:27 
8. Punk Rock Hero  0:56 
9. Abacus Waltz 0:38 
10. Punk Rebel / Tsunta's Theme  3:36 
11. End Title  0:13 
Through The Night 
12. Through The Night  1:30 
13. Home Sweet Home  1:43 
14. Making Ramen At Midnight  0:32 
15. Scary Moonlight  1:55 
Bubblin' Singin' 
16. My Favorite Things  2:18 
17. Omelet Punk  0:20 
18. Classical  0:16 
19. Stink Of An Onion  0:34 
20. Onion Samba  0:59 
21. Omelet Punk  20:16 
22. Me And My Hamburger / Final Samba  1:05 
23. Surfing Samba  1:10


John Zorn: Arranger, Composer 
Cyro Baptista: Brazilian Percussion 
Kermit Driscoll: Acoustic And Electric Bass (1-6)
Carol Emanuel: Harp 
Bill Frisell: Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (1-6, 16-23)
David Hofstra: Acoustic And Electric Bass (7-23)
Wayne Horvitz: Keyboards (1-6)
Jill Jaffe: Viola, Violin (12-15)
Kiriko Kubo: Vocal (16-23)
Arto Lindsay: Electric Guitar (7-11), Vocal (16-23)
Christian Marclay: Turntables (1-6)
Ikue Mori: Drum Machine (12-15)
Maxine Neuman: Cello (12-15)
Bobby Previte: Percussion, Drums (1-11, 16-23)
Robert Quine: Electric Guitar (16-23)
Marc Ribot: Banjo, Electric Guitar (7-15)
Peter Scherer: Keyboards (7-23)


1-11 recorded at Shelley Palmer Studio, NYC, October 1988, mixed at Key-Stone, Tokyo, June 1989
12-15 recorded at Shelley Palmer Studio, NYC, January 1989, mixed at Key-Stone, Tokyo, June 1989
16-23 recorded at Shelley Palmer Studio, NYC, October 1989, mixed at Key-Stone, Tokyo, June 1989

All Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by John Zorn 
Produced by John Zorn 
Associate Producer:  Kazunori Sugiyama 
Recorded by Roger Moutenot and Jason Baker 
Mixed by Seigen Ono
Mastered by Allan Tucker
Design by KimSu Theiler


The holy grail of Zornthologists is finally available in a newly remastered definitive edition. 

Released in Japan for only a few short months in 1990, this is the original music Zorn created for a series of four shorts by one of Japan's most endearing cartoonists: Kiriko Kubo. 

A long time champion of Warner Bros. cartoon composer Carl Stalling, Zorn considers this to be his finest and most personal take on cartoon music to date, a genre that has influenced him deeply. The all-star band includes Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Arto Lindsay, Robert Quine, Wayne Horvitz, Bobby Previte and Cyro Baptista.

Series:  FilmworksArchival Series 

Catalogue Number:  TZ7315 

Release Date:  Sony, Japan 1990
                               Tzadik Reissue 1997