filmworks II: music for an untitled film by walter hill (1995)

Track Listing


Intro  3:09 
I Stole From Jesus Christ  0:51 
Gold  0:50 
Main Title  1:59 
The Building  0:59 
Meatlocker  0:57 
Pigeons  0:53 
Scuffle  0:21 
Exploring  1:02 
Rattlesnakes For Sergio Leone  1:44 
Two Interiors  0:39 
Stealth  0:44 
Action  0:40 
Dumping The Body  10:40 
The Trunk  0:08 
Escape Attempt  1:43 
Arrival  0:46 
Prying At The Windows  0:37 
Arsenal  0:56 
King James  1:07 
Powerline  0:20 
The Magic Of Gold  2:25 
Chimney  0:24 
Dilemma  1:15 
Conspiracy  0:47 
The Plot (Part 1)  1:33 
The Plot (Part 2)  0:44 
Heroin Fix  2:41 
Lucky Run  0:59 
Vengance Is Mine  2:05 
Escape  2:02 
Kill Fever  1:18 
Outside  0:25 
Ending  0:57 
Alternate Ending/End Title  2:42 
Arsenal Dance Mix  3:59


Cyro Baptista - Brazilian Percussion
Anthony Coleman - Prepared Piano, Keyboards
Carol Emanuel - Harp
Andy Haas - Didjeridu
Jim Pugliese - Percussion
Marc Ribot - Guitar, Banjo
David Shea - Turntables, Sampler


All Music by John Zorn
Recorded and Mixed May/June 1992 at Shelley Palmer Studios
Engineer:  Alec Head
Synclavier:  Jason Baker
Mastering:  Bob Ludwig
Digital Editing:  Scott Hull
Cover design:  Ikue Mori
Produced by John Zorn
Associate Producers:  Kazunori Sugiyama and David Newgarden



The Tzadik Archival Series presents long out-of-print reissues and music never previously released from the Zorn vaults. This long-awaited second volume in a continuing retrospective od his soundtracks for film features a dark and brooding work, exquistely recorded for an untitled Walter Hill Film.  

A film fanatic since his youth, cinema has always been a central element in Zorn's life and work. In the past ten years he has scored for the images of many directors from the famous (Godard, Cronenberg, Walter Hill to the infamous (Raul Ruiz, Maria Beatty, Hiroki Ryuichi).  

The first Zorn Film Works release sold over 20,000 copies, and the music on Volume 1 took on a second life after the release, turning up in new film and dance projects in Hong Kong, Taipei and Israel, and it was even used for a Japanese porno film and a Portugese Volvo commercial!

Series:  Filmworks, Archival Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ7306

Release Date:  1996 (Tzadik)

Other Versions:

Toy's Factory, Japan (TFCK-88753)  1995