Bar Kokhba (1996)

Track Listing 

1-01. Gevurah. 6:55 
1-02. Nezikin. 1:51 
1-03. Mahshav. 4:33 
1-04. Rokhev. 3:10 
1-05. Abidan. 5:19 
1-06. Sheloshim. 5:03 
1-07. Hath-Arob. 2:25 
1-08. Paran.   4:48 
1-09. Mahlah7:48 
1-10. Socoh. 4:07 
1-11. Yechida. 8:24 
1-12. Bikkurim. 3:25 
1-13. Idalah-Abal. 5:05 
2-01. Tannaim. 4:39 
2-02. Nefesh. 3:33 
2-03. Abidan. 3:13 
2-04. Mo'ed. 4:59 
2-05. Maskil. 4:41 
2-06. Mishpatim. 6:46 
2-07. Sansanah. 6:56 
2-08. Shear-Jashub. 2:06 
2-09. Mahshav. 4:50 
2-10. Sheloshim. 6:45 
2-11. Mochin. 13:11 
2-12. Karaim. 3:39


Greg Cohen: Bass 
Anthony Coleman: Piano 
Dave Douglas: Trumpet 
Mark Dresser: Bass 
Mark Feldman: Violin 
Erik Friedlander: Cello 
David Krakauer: Clarinet 
John Medeski: Organ, Piano 
Marc Ribot: Guitar 
Chris Speed: Clarinet 
Kenny Wollesen: Drums


All compositions by John Zorn 
Produced By John Zorn 
Associate Producers - Kazunori Sugiyama and David Newgarden
Recorded August 1994, December 1995 and March 1996 at Baby Monster Studios, NYC 
Engineered by John Rosenberg
Mastering - Allan Tucker, Foothill Digital, NYC 
Design - KimSu Theiler
Cover Photograph Letter of Bar Kokhba to Yeshua, son of Galgola
Black and White Photograph Catacombs of Sages
Color Photograph The Wilderness of Sinai
Some of this music was originally recorded for The Art Of Remembrance - Simon Wisenthal, a feature documentary film by Johanna Heer and Werner Schmiedel.


Masada has quickly become one of John Zorn's most popular and adventurous musical projects. These special arrangements for small ensembles of strings, keyboards and clarinets, shed new light on his book of inspiring compositions expanding the Jewish tradition. Bar Kokhba presents over two hours of dark, passionate and evocative Jewish music, featuring some of New York City's finest musicians. 

This double-CD is the long-awaited first American release of Zorn's Masada material, featuring startling new chamber arrangements of music from the six Masada albums on Avant (Japan).

Series:  Radical Jewish Culture

Catalogue Number:  TZ7108-2

Release Date:  1996