ALASTOR: book of angels Volume 21 (2014)

Track Listing

1. Hakem   5:37
2. Samchia 3:49
3. Hakha   3:18
4. Jetrel  5:32
5. Variel  4:12
6. Loquel  3:15
7. Rachiel  3:49
8. Barael  3:22
9. Sakriel  7:08
10. Uriron  4:42


Shahzad Ismaily: Bass  
Eyvind Kang: Electric Bass, Guitars, Janggu, Kacapi, Kemancheh, Korg Synth, Moog Synth, Oud, Percussion, Piano, Setar, Sitar, Viola, Violin, Voice  
Skerik: Tenor Sax  
Hans Teuber: Clarinets, Flutes, Tenor Sax  
Cuong Vu: Trumpet  
Dave Abramson: Drums, Percussion  
Emma Ashbrook: Bassoon  
Josiah Boothby: French Horn  
Tor Dietrichson: Bongo, Conga, Clave, Guiro, Tabla, Triangle  
Maya Dunietz: Voice  
Randall Dunn: Moog Synth, Voice  
Hidayat Honari: Tar  
Taina Karr: English Horn, Oboe  
Jessika Kenney: Voice  
Moriah Neils: Bass  
Hyeonhee Park: Janggu, Kkwaenggwari  
Soyeon Park: Geomungo  
William Smith: Cello  
JungAh Song: Gayageum  
Maria Scherer Wilson: Cello  
Jacob Yackshaw: Bass


Composer, Executive Producer -  John Zorn 
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama 
Arranged By Eyvind Kang
Producer - Eyvind Kang And Randall Dunn
Recorded And Mixed by Randall Dunn At Avast, Seattle Except 1,6,9,10 Basic Tracks by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound   
Mastered by Scott Hull 
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin) 


World traveler, nomad, mystic and violist, Eyvind Kang has created several of the most wildly creative CDs on Tzadik. Here he turns his hand to ten tunes from Zorn’s remarkable Book of Angels. Featuring spectacular orchestral arrangements and brilliant studio techniques, Eyvind has put together a CD unlike anything on the Angels series, highlighting the spiritual side of the Angels project, the singular lyricism of Zorn’s compositions and his own richly inventive musical imagination. One of the most personal and gorgeous installments in the Masada series, Alastor is a modern orchestral reading of the mystical charts from the Book of Angels.

Series:  Archival Series, Book Of Angels

Catalogue NumberTZ8316

Release Date:  April 2014