50th birthday celebration volume three (2004)

Track Listing       

1.Intro  0:35
2. That Scene  1:23
3. Doll Moment  2:53
4. Unwritten Law  2:56
5. Ponce  4:00
6. Come Yelling  1:51
7. On The Ropes  3:28
8. Klossowski  2:21
9. Pacing  2:38
10. In Memory Of  2:39
11. Detroit For No Reason  1:18
12. This Year's Skirts  2:51
13. Want Those Boots  4:20
14. Trampoline At Dawn  1:13
15. Last Thing To Get Moist  4:59
16. Ceiling  4:01
17. Doll Sport  1:25


Anton Fier: Drums  
Arto Lindsay: Voice, Guitar  
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone

All music by Fier|LIndsay|Zorn         
Lyrics by Arto Lindsay 
Recorded live at Tonic September 10, 2003 10pm  by Daniel Goldaracena   
Mastering - Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering 
Producer - John Zorn    
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama       
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)   

TZADIK Blurb    

Continuing Tzadik's series of live recordings from Zorn's 50th birthday month is this classic reunion of three downtown legends, Arto Lindsay (Ambitious Lovers), Anton Fier (Golden Palominos) and John Zorn (Naked City). There has never been a band quite like Locus Solus. Dating back to 1982, the music of these improvised rock units is still as fresh as the day they first hit, and seems to get better with age. This high intensity set features all three players at their very best. Strangled vocals, loping grooves and structural complexity make these improvised rock songs a continual delight. A fascinating and charming set of tension, love, ideas, communication and miscommunication.

Series:  Birthday Series       

Catalogue Number:  TZ5003     

Release Date: April 2004