50th birthday celebration volume ten

Track Listing     

1. Postiviva9:30 
2. M.S.T.G.L. (Moneysextripgodlove)6:45 
3. Big Muff Dive8:28 
4. Microwaveable Empty Highway5:13 
5. Sun See Soon9:21 
6. Choronzone5:04 
Bonus Live Video Accessible On Your Computer 
LIVEVID1.mov (108MB)3:04 
LIVEVIDE.mov (160MB)2:04


Yamataka Eye: Voice, Electronics  
Fred Frith: Guitar  
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone  
Sawai Taeji: Technician

All music by Yamataka Eye, John Zorn and Fred Frith (Track 3 only)     
Recorded live at Tonic September 15, 2003 10pm by Daniel Goldaracena 
Mastering - Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering 
Producer - John Zorn  
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama     
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)    

TZADIK Blurb  

One of the most talked about and well attended shows of Zorn’s 50th Birthday month was his much anticipated duo concert with Boredoms mastermind, Yamataka Eye. Close friends and musical associates since 1985, their love, respect and telepathic interplay was augmented on this occasion by electronic technician Sawai Taeji, who responded to Eye’s sensor movements via powerbook. Jewish Alchemy meets Japanese Shamanism in this ritual performance of music and magic from two of the world’s most unusual and unclassifiable adepts. Included as a bonus is a Quicktime video of the performance accessible on your computer.

Series:  Birthday Series     

Catalogue Number:  TZ5010    

Release Date:  January 2005