50th birthday celebration volume six (2004)

Track Listing      

1. @:◊:@  7:26
2. +(=&)+  7:03
3. \/\/\///\/\/\/\\/\///\\/\  4:44
4. ‡*§†*§‡  9:34
5. <<-^->>  9:45
6. ’·ˇ,'"῎‚ι«ʹ⌝ˇໍ»°"  6:15
7. []≈[]≈[]≈[]  5:02


Ikue Mori: Laptop Electronics  
Mike Patton: Voice  
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone

All music by Moir|Patton|Zorn         
Recorded live at Tonic September 1, 2003 8pm  by Daniel Goldaracena  
Mastering - Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering
Producer - John Zorn   
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama      
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)     

TZADIK Blurb   

Mike Patton, Ikue Mori and John Zorn are Hemophiliac, and together they are responsible for some of the wildest improvisational music ever. Performing for Zorn's 50th birthday month and playing to a packed house of screaming enthusiasts and obnoxious groupies, this set shows them at their most focused and most intense. Their first release since the 2001 online-only limited edition, this is new music from the outer reaches of madness.

Series:  Birthday Series      

Catalogue Number:  TZ5006    

Release Date: August 2004