50th birthday celebration volume seven (2004)

Track Listing       

1. Karaim  14:28 
2. Hath-Arob  5:18 
3. Sippur  3:57 
4. Acharei Mot  9:12 
5. Kedushah  9:16 
6. Ravayah  4:32 
7. Piriam  12:19 
8. Ashnah  8:19


Joey Baron: Drum  
Greg Cohen: Bass  
Dave Douglas: Trumpet  
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone

All music by John Zorn          
Recorded live at Tonic September 18, 2003 8pm  by Daniel Goldaracena   
Mastering - Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering 
Producer - John Zorn    
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama       
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)      

TZADIK Blurb    

As the members of this classic quartet get busier and busier, performances get rarer and rarer. This first set out of six they performed over three nights during Zorn's infamous Birthday month, was on fire from first note to last. Filled with wild extended solos and dizzying group conductions, this unforgettable evening of music highlights how this amazing band continues to grow into its second decade.

Series:  Birthday Series       

Catalogue Number:  TZ5007    

Release Date: September 2004